The Immaturity of Marreese Speights is Exposed in Responses to Hate Tweets

There’s explicit content in these posts. You’ve been warned.

Hate Tweets

Obviously, the Tweets directed towards Marreese Speights were immature and there’s no excuse to call people out the way they did, or say the things that they said. Unfortunately for Speights’ reputation, he didn’t handle the criticism very smoothly. Some of the things he said point out his ignorance and lack of growth. Take a look and try not to cringe too hard, Sixers fans.

Marreese Speights Responds

PHT Note — Marreese, the world can see what you’re posting. Imagine the publicity if Kobe Bryant Tweeted this. He was fined $100K for using a homosexual slur. You told someone, “Kill yourself.” Β  You have an excellent future. You need to ignore the haters and be the better man.

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