‘Greatness’ Again In Philly?

Rights reserved to the Philadelphia 76ers.

“Jrue is amazing,” said 76ers coach, Doug Collins in Wednesday night’s post-game press conference. “I mean, this young kid is getting so good.”

The growth of Jrue Holiday to many has been a bit of a surprise, but to some, including Collins, it is expected. At the beginning of the regular season, Collins predicted that Holiday will eventually become a top-5 point guard in the NBA. Currently, he sits in the second tier of elite point guards, but keep in mind; the kid is 20.

“I see greatness in this young kid,” said Collins. “I am thrilled with Jrue’s growth.”

With Holiday’s recent successes, as well as his maturity becoming evident, where does he rank at his position in the NBA? According to Bleacher Report, Holiday ranks 18th overall; one position ahead of Chauncey Billups and one behind D.J. Augustine.

The current situation in Philadelphia is perfect for the young point guard. The team has seen its fair share of let downs this season, such as last second half-court fouls, (by Jrue Holiday on John Wall) resulting in 3 foul-shots to go on and win. The team has found a way to lose in what seems like every possible way. Fortunately for Holiday and the rest of the team, failure is an opportunity to grow. Failure brings a team together.

When you lose in heartbreaking fashion, it flips a switch. Teammates are brought together by the desire to bounce back and win. The Sixers found themselves down Wednesday night against the Rockets, but past nightmares were not revisited. Collins thought Holiday handled the game well, playing at a solid tempo.

“He’s got a very good rhythm,” said Collins. “Jrue’s got a very nice pace to his game.”

Holiday might not be popping up on covers of Sports Illustrated any time soon, but look out for this kid. He can ball.


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