April 1, Game Preview: The New Jersey Nets

Although today is April Fools Day, tonight’s game is no joking matter, especially after the Lil Wayne dilemma on Sunday against Sacramento.  The 76ers have something special right ta their fingertips.

The headline of Friday night’s game is simple. If the Sixers win, then they’re in the playoffs. Who would’ve thought that Philly could have been in this position after last year’s fiasco? Doug Collins has literally picked this team up off the ground by the collar and lifted them back into contention.

The New Jersey Nets have players that are capable of making the night difficult for Philadelphia. Sharpshooter, Anthony Morrow is 7th in the NBA in 3-point percentage. (42.7%) Players like Morrow kill the Sixers.

As of late, Philadelphia’s 3-point defense has been noticeably better, but that’s no reason to relax and allow Morrow to go straight for the jugular.

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez are the two obvious players that the Sixers will need to watch closely. As of right now, it looks as if Jrue Holiday will guard Williams and Spencer Hawes will face up against Lopez.

Here are the three keys to tonight’s game against game against New Jersey:

  1. Get out on the break and play our style of ball, not NJ’s.
  2. Limit 3-point damage from Morrow, Williams, and the Nets’ bench
  3. Control the paint: Get Spencer Hawes and Elton Brand going early, and play solid defense at the rim against Lopez.

If the Sixers can manage to succeed in these three aspects of tonight’s game, then playoffs, here we come. Here are tonight’s probable starters:

New Jersey Nets Starting Lineup

PG – Deron Williams

SG – Anthony Morrow

SF – Sasha Vujacic

PF – Kris Humphries

C – Brook Lopez

Philadelphia 76ers Starting Lineup

PG – Jrue Holiday

SG – Jodie Meeks

SF – Andre Iguodala

PF – Elton Brand

C – Spencer Hawes


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