Louis Williams; The Student

His memory is long in the distance, but in every game, Sixers’ guard, Louis Williams shows shades of Sixers’ legend, Allen Iverson. By no means is he putting up the numbers that Iverson once did, nor is he logging the minutes; Williams simply knows how to score.

As if the ghost of Iverson’s past has possessed Williams, he’s got the ability to cut to the hoop with ease. When he’s not shooting from the outside, he finds another way to get the ball in the basket.

Lou hasn’t always been this prolific scorer that I’m describing; He sat on the bench for basically his entire first two years in the NBA. The question may be asked; “Shouldn’t he have gone to college, instead of sitting on the bench for those years?

Many would say that he should have received the education, but they’re not looking at both sides of the spectrum. No, Williams didn’t attend one college class. He may not be as “educated,” as some of his teammates, but Williams received a different form of education, which is paying dividends.

If Williams never pounced on the opportunity to play in the NBA, straight out of high school, he would have never been able to learn from one of the greatest guards to ever play in the NBA. Allen Iverson didn’t seem like a role model, but he led by example. Williams was all eyes and ears.

After Iverson moved on, the Sixers took on a much different look, and Williams finally got the opportunity to play more minutes. It was obvious he had potential, but he was just so young at the time. People didn’t know what to expect. Then, Andre Miller was added to the equation.

Former 76ers broadcaster, Bob Salmi continuously said that Andre Miller “has the best shot fake in the game.” It even got to the point where you expected him to say it. Maybe his redundancies, as well as other ineptitudes are the reason he’s no longer with Marc Zumoff and the 76ers, but he was right about his statement, regarding Miller.

Out went Iverson and in came Miller. Once again, Williams was all eyes and ears. Andre Miller may not possess the best shot fake in the game anymore. Sorry Bob Salmi. Lou Williams arguably is second to none in this facet of the game, thanks to Miller.

Combining attributes learned from Allen Iverson’s overall talent and Andre Miller’s intelligence, Williams is putting together a season, well worthy of earning him the Sixth Man of the Year Award, given to the NBA’s best bench player. Williams is good enough to start on most teams.

Allen Iverson and Andre Miller’s careers in Philadelphia both ended on displeasing terms. Although it was touching, Iverson’s comeback attempt was a complete failure and Andre Miller basically flipped Philly the bird and flew back home to the west coast. It’s a shame things didn’t work out for them and the 76ers, but try and dig deep beneath your ego, and find the place in your heart to thank them. They’re the reason Lou Williams is a nasty threat for the 76ers.


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