The NBA’s Fastest Player? Weems States His Case

In a recent twitter exchange, I asked Toronto Raptor’s speedy swingman, Sonny Weems a question that was followed with an answer, both thought provoking and interesting.

In a basketball poll, discussing the fastest players in the NBA on Pro Sports Daily, answers varied from Derrick Rose, to John Wall and Golden State’s Monta Ellis. Nobody thought of Weems, but from seeing him in a few games, I noticed some explosive wheels.

His ability to run the break, creating distance from attempted defense is second to none, and I expressed my opinion to him in a recent twitter exchange. I sent a tweet his way, and his answer was straight to the point, showing his confidence.!/Brianj1988/status/54066271695806464!/Sonny13/status/54067401075073024

The Toronto Raptors will be playing the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday, April 8. Sonny Weems and his sleek, jet-like speed will be exhibited, while Toronto aims to take down the playoff-bound Sixers.


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