Spencer Hawes Trashes John Calipari After Kentucky Loss

Although it was about 15 years ago, some people, including Spencer Hawes of the Philadelphia 76ers, have a stretched memory, regarding the University of Kentucky’s basketball coach, John Calipari. Hawes stated his opinion via Twitter.

“So glad calipari lost. Made my night a little brighter after a tough OT loss to the Brockless Bucks.  #karmaprevails #cheatersneverprosper

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Twitter all too well,  the second part of the post (words with the pound-signs) is just as important. Hawes included two descriptions of Calipari in his post, which stated that karma prevails and cheaters never prosper.

Who would have known that a 22-year-old would have such a strong opinion about someone, who’s reputation took a hit about 15 years ago. Hawes was only 5-years of age at the time. I guess some people’s memories are carried along with them, just like Calipari’s notorious reputation as a basketball coach.

Actions have the ability to linger with you for the rest of your life. For Calipari, his legacy as an NCAA coach has taken a recent tailspin over the years, despite his solid career as a basketball coach.

In 1996, University of Massachusetts’ star center, Marcus Camby, was caught for accepting money and gifts from an agent. At the time, John Calipari was the coach of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets. What he said has stuck with him to this day, along with a few other unwanted attention-grabbers.

Calipari referred to New York Star-Ledger journalist, Dan Garcia as a, “F***ing Mexican Idiot,” leading to a 5-million dollar lawsuit, (for emotional distress) which was later dropped by Garcia. Instead, the NBA fined Calipari $25,000 dollars.

In 2007-08, Derrick Rose was forced to sit out the entire season at the University of Memphis, while Calipari was the coach at the time. An unidentified person, who was later revealed as Rose’s brother, Reggie, completed Derrick’s SAT’s for him, obviously illegally aiding his brother to the University. This was just another black eye to the reputation of Calipari.

Trust me when I say that Spencer Hawes isn’t the only one who views Calipari in a negative light.


2 thoughts on “Spencer Hawes Trashes John Calipari After Kentucky Loss

  1. You can definitely look at it that way, Travis. He has had a lot of success. People will find a way to “hate on you” any way they can.

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