Off-Court Issues? Cleveland Cavaliers’ Gibson; “Battling Demons”

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ season to this point has been an unfortunate fiasco. They lost LeBron James and his talents to South Beach, and they’ve lost 61 games so far this season. More than likely, the losing is not over for Cleveland.

To add to the Cavalier’s misfortunes thus far, sharp-shooter, Daniel “Booby” Gibson seems to be battling some off-the-court issues.

I’d like to add that my prayers are out to him and I hope that everything works out for the best, but some would have to wonder; could this in any way be affecting his on-court performance? In the last 5 games, Gibson is averaging only 8 points a game, while shooting 38.9-percent from the field.

Again, this is all speculation, but in a recent Twitter-spree, Gibson let out his emotions through tweets, in somewhat of a concerning way. Gibson, known as @BooBysWorld1 on Twitter, tweeted:

“Live with the Pain & Keep trying.. Or reach the End knowing you never gave anything a chance! #NoSurrender

“When I was alone and had Nothing. I asked for a friend to help me bear the pain no one came Except………God #PrayedUp

“Tweeps I’m getting Baptized April 17th! Never got to as a youngster. I’ve been battling a lot of Demons from my past. Holding me back.”

“A Big myth is that money solves everything. U see the money & think u missing something.. It’s about way more! Ppl with money got problems 2.”

“The only problems money solves.. Is Money problems.#WheelsDown.”

For all of the loyal Philadelphia 76ers fans out there, they found their team in a familiar position last season, winning only 27 games. Players seemed uninterested towards the end of the year, and leadership was questioned in the coaching department, front office, and player captains.

Fortunately for 76ers fans, they’ve bounced back this year with the help of Doug Collins and the NBA’s top-scoring bench. But, what if last year wasn’t all Eddie Jordan’s fault. 99.9-percent of you will say it was, including myself, but what if some of teams’s key players, or even Eddie Jordan, had off-the-court issues affecting their performance.

Understandable, it’s not fair to compare golf and basketball, but Tiger Woods’ issues off the golf course have noticeably hurt his game. He’s no longer ranked the best golfer in the world, and he has failed to win a tournament it what seems like forever.

The theme of this story is simple. Players have lives outside of the sport. It’s not our right as fans to know everything about an athlete’s personal life, but it’s interesting to think about how many of our favorite sports figures may have more to offer than we see on the court. Maybe there is something off the basketball court holding them back.

We’ll never know if that could have been the reason to Philadelphia’s terrible season in 2009-10, but it’s possible and thought provoking.


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