76ers Take on Celtics; Daniels Injury Recalled

Picture posted by Nick Sannicandro of clnsradio.com

Tonight at 7:30, the Philadelphia 76ers will take on their long-time Atlantic divisional rivals, the Boston Celtics. On March 11, the two teams met and the Sixers nudged by the Celtics by a three-point margin. Without a doubt, the Celtics will be seeking revenge, as the 76ers will be looking to bounce back from their loss to Milwaukee on Saturday.

For the Boston Celtics, a lot has been on their mind this year. To start the year, they weren’t exactly the clear favorites to win the East. Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat were expected to take their talent to a title run. Unexpectedly to most, they stalled out of the starting gate. With the emergence of Chicago, the Bulls and the Celtics sit one-two at the top of the eastern conference.

To this point, Boston’s season hasn’t been what most would call, “simple.” They lost Shaquille O’Neal to an early-season injury, and just recently lost him to another. The more attention-grabbing injury that shocked Beantown earlier in the season was the sudden collapse of Marquis Daniels about two months ago. Here’s a video of the Daniels injury:

Since the injury, Daniels has been sidelined without activiy, but he’s kept a positive outlook on his situation, after what seemed to me a career-threatening injury. Here’s a recent post from his twitter account:


Daniels is recovering nicely, but in a Twitter status updated yesterday, he posted that he was in “crazy pain right now.”

Obviously, Daniels will not be in the game tonight against the 76ers, but Boston will surely use his strength as a motivation of their own.


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