Marreese Speights Relives Victory; Bill Walton Relives Defeat

By Charles Small, US Presswire

With the NCAA basketball championship passing and the University of Connecticut rolling over Butler by a score of 53-41, memories were woken; some bad and some victorious.

Marreese Speights of the Philadelphia 76ers was a part of one of the more talented NCAA championship teams in recent history. The 2006-07 Florida Gators consisted of players such as Corey Brewer, Al Horford, Joakim Noah and of course, Speights.

All of these national champions have advanced to successful careers in the NBA. For Speights, his memory is nothing but pure joy.

“I think back when we won the championship. The couple hours before the game how nervous I was but it was the best feeling ever,” said Speights on Twitter only minutes before the game.

Here are highlights of the 2007 national championship game, between Florida and Ohio State (With what I believe is the theme music to Rudy):

Unfortunately, not everyone’s March Madness is a pleasant memory. Bill Walton, UCLA Bruins legend, relived his college basketball years on WPDN Philadelphia, Westwood One Radio Network, moments before Monday night’s game

“They’re good, they’re tough, (UCONN and Butler) but what they really have to do Tom, they have to listen to their coach,” said Walton. That’s what I failed to do in my senior year at UCLA. We lost that game at N.C. State on march 23, 1974. We had a 14-point lead. You never get over it.”

Here’s highlights of the UCLA-N.C. State game:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Unfortunately for Butler, they’re going to look back now on two NCAA championship losses in consecutive years. Former NBA guard, Greg Anthony posted on Twitter, “While this was the worst performance I’ve ever seen in a title game, the Butler Bulldogs should be proud of the terrific ride they had!”

That may be easier said than done for two of the Butler Bulldog’s star players.

“Matt Howard and Shelvin Mack probably having the worst game of their career,” said Anthony. Hopefully for their sake, they will have a short memory, unlike Walton. Unfortunately, they most likely wont.


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