VCU Guard Indirectly Curses Out Jay Bilas

As many have already heard, NCAA basketball analyst, Jay Bilas had some strong feelings about Virginia Commonwealth University. To make it simple, he didn’t think VCU deserved to be in the NCAA tournament, let alone the Final Four. Here is a video of the comments Bilas made about VCU, which started a verbal boxing match:

Even though VCU surprised many by taking down tough opponents and busting millions of brackets, Bilas refused to “eat crow.” (An English term for admitting you were wrong) A little less than a week later, VCU’s star guard, Joey Rodriguez, had something interesting to say about Bilas over his Twitter account.!/joeyyrod12/status/55485320908640256

Most of you who listen to the radio or own an Itunes account know this song, performed by musical artist, Cee Lo Green. On the radio, you hear the edited version, where they substitute the F-bomb with either “forget” or “F.” We all know Rodriguez’s intentions here.

Steve Helber AP

After VCU’s victory last week over the University of Kansas, Rodriguez explained to ESPN’s Pat Forde in an interview that when he looks back on this experience, he’ll see it as the best moment of his life. Obviously, Rodriguez is passionate about his team’s success in the tournament and he felt a bit disrespected by Bilas. Well, so did head coach Shaka Smart.

In a post-game interview after VCU defeated Southern California, Smart asked, “You guys think Jay Bilas watched that game?”

Millions of people favor NCAA basketball over the NBA because of the players’ passion on the court. Now, we’re seeing it off the court as well.

Bilas isn’t apologizing to VCU for the comments he made, but he did sign a banner, labeled, “Eat Crow Baby,” with Dick Vitale’s picture alongside the bold letters.


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