The Legendary Willie Green Drops 31 for New Orleans

Other than Philadelphia’s win over the Raptors, the biggest news for Sixers fans was the explosion of former guard, Willie Green. The New Orleans Hornets’ superstar, Chris Paul said it best on Twitter:!/Oneandonlycp3/status/56554657174130688

The Hornets knocked out the Suns Friday night by a score of 109-97 and Green went off. He scored 31 points, while shooting 12-for-17 from the field, five-for-six from the thee-point line and two-for-two from the foul stripe. Green is only averaging 8.4 points a game this season, but tonight was his night, as he carried the Hornets to a victory.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Sixers fans had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Willie Green. One night, it would seem as if he was one of the greatest bench scorers in the history of Philadelphia, then for the next five games, he’d think he was Allen Iverson, but minus the talent.

Sports forums all over the city begged management to ship Green away because of his inconsistency. Well, they finally got their wish. As a Sixers fan myself, I didn’t have much of a problem with Green. With him, what you see is what you get.

Those whom expect too much from him will eventually learn to hate the guy, because he’s not going to drop 30 points on a nightly basis. He had his poor shooting nights, but so does everyone. At this point, the entire world should have realized that Philly is home to a bevy of Simon Cowell-like sports critics.

From time to time, Green did drop an eye-opening numbers into the box score and that’s exactly what he did tonight. Many of us Philadelphia fans wondered, “Why not every night?” But, yo can’t expect too much from him.

Even to this day, the name Willie Green is a borderline curse word in the city of Philadelphia. So, for the night, think about it Sixers fans. Do you miss him?

Probably not.


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