Raptors Open to Moving Bargnani, but Where To?

According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, The Toronto Raptors are open to moving seven-foot, Italian center, Andrea Bargnani. The news broke towards the end of March and there will certainly be teams willing to take on his service.

So far this season, Bargnani is averaging 21.4 points and 5.2 rebounds a game. He isn’t what you would call a low post banger and his rebound numbers are extremely low for his height and position, but he does use his length to his advantage in different aspects of the game.

So, what team would be a good fit for Bargnani? I would say a team that plays a run-and-gun style offense with a power forward, capable of picking up Bargnani’s rebounding slack. Also, a team in need of an experienced, athletic big man. Finally, a team that is looking to add on one more scorer, and for the team I’m thinking of, Bargnani would most likely lead them in that category.

To me, the Philadelphia 76ers would be a perfect fit for Andrea Bargnani. Philly loves to run in the open floor after a turnover or a long rebound, and Spencer Hawes is more of a half-court, offensive specialist. Everything Hawes does is a bit slower than average. That can somewhat hurt a team that thrives on their speed, but Bargnani could help.

Bargnani’s rebounding numbers are low, as I said, but Elton Brand is known for throwing his weight around in the low post, and collecting a rebound or two. Also, Thaddeus Young’s slick, inside presence would certainly aid him as well.

Now, will this happen? Probably not; but if both sides make contact and express interest, expect something to take place. The Sixers and the Raptors are both over the cap by a bit over 10-million dollars, so contracts would have to meet up if a deal went down. Something along the lines of Andres Nocioni and Marreese Speights, plus a draft choice for Bargnani and a filler would make sense to me. Depending on the loyalty and confidence of Philadelphia’s front office, maybe Evan Turner could be brought up.

With Turner involved in any deal, the Sixers would have to be sure to receive something worthy of a second-overall draft choice. Turner’s rookie season may have upset numerous fans, but his upside is yet to impress. Speights is a young, athletic center, and if given the opportunity to play starter’s minutes, he could thrive in Toronto.

Another significant part of the deal would be the incoming draft pick for Toronto. Who knows how that could turn out for them, but teams do value draft picks, maybe a little too much. Nocioni’s 6.85-million dollar contract would be a trade balancer, but don’t take his grit and scoring ability for granted. “Noch” has helped the Sixers off the bench in multiple occasions so far this season.

This is all opinion and I have no source to my trade idea, so don’t go running to your friends with any false, breaking news. Although nothing is in place, it could make sense for both teams.


9 thoughts on “Raptors Open to Moving Bargnani, but Where To?

  1. Wow, Your Fried!!

    What kinda robbery is that trade you just suggested. Only way Bargnani + Sonny Weems gets traded is if we get Evan Turner + Draft Pick + Nocioni.

    Now that’s a fair trade, we would rule the Eastern Conference in like 3 years. HAHAHA!!!!

  2. With all due respect, the possibilities of either a second-overall draft choice (Evan Turner), a solid offensive, big man (Marreese Speights) and a gritty vet (Andres Nocioni) do do not equal “some bench filler.”

  3. I would take Speights as my backup centre over Bargnani every day of the week. Throw in the draft choice and this is a good deal. Maybe Bargnani has more market value than that, but based purely on a talent for talent standpoint, this could easily make Toronto better.

  4. Thank you, Brasky. Speights is more talented than people think. Right now, he’s just a bit immature, yet to crack the surface of his full potential. 1st rounders are valued, and Nocioni is a solid 6th-8th man to have in a rotation. Experience is underrated. Now, if turner is involved, then this would get interesting.

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