The 76ers’ Post-Season X-Factor

If the Miami Heat’s big three fails to produce in the first round against the Philadelphia 76ers, then they’re screwed. For the Sixers, their fate rests on the shoulders of one person; and he doesn’t start.

No, it’s not Lou Williams, although his health and scoring ability will be needed. The responsibility belongs to the swift power forward, Thaddeus Young.

Constantly, Sixers’ coach Doug Collins has shown how much he loves the way Young plays. For his coaching schemes, Young plays a vital role in the team’s success, even though plays are barely ran for him. Thaddeus Young just knows where to be at opportune moments. As Marc Zumoff would say, Young has the ability to “turn garbage into gold.”

Now, let me tell you how important Young is to the Sixers. In games where he scores 20 or more points, the 76ers are 12-3. In the games where he only manages to score in the single digits, the Sixers are 13-14. Both, he and Williams are the anchors to Philadelphia’s bench.

With this being said, make a mental note that Thaddeus Young is the X-factor in the first round against the Heat.

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