Speights Campaigning for Minutes; Lashes Back at Criticism

In 2008, the Philadelphia 76ers drafted Marreese Speights with the sixteenth overall pick, hoping he could progress as the starting center of the future. Unfortunately, he has regressed.

Speights has seen less minutes as of late and he’s nowhere to be found in Doug Collins’ rotation. his new role with the 76ers is similar to that of a stunt double. When the final minutes are ticking off the clock during a blowout, Speights is brought in to prevent any season-altering injuries from taking place.

Speights’ points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks and minutes are all below his career average. (three seasons) His teammates have actually began a trend on Twitter to free Marreese Speights (increase his playing time) called #freeSPEEZY. Here’s an example in a post by Sixers’ rookie guard, Evan Turner:

Marreese Speights also posted a Tweet, showing a bit of frustration with his playing time, and also used the Twitter trend, created by his teammates.

Following the Twitter posts and the start of the new “#freeSPEEZY” trend, a Twitter user smashed Speights and criticized his tactic for more minutes. He didn’t hold back. Speights then responded to the criticism.



Barring injury, it’s safe to say that the Twitter trend won’t do Speights any favors in changing Collins’ mind. He will be better off hooping with emotion, rather than tweeting with emotion.


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