76ers Chatter, Politics and a Post-Season Preview

Only two days before the Sixers’ first playoff game against the Miami Heat, Philadelphia’s starting center has more on his mind than just Saturday afternoon. Can you say Spencer Hawes, the politician?



Some would say that maybe if he quit worrying so much about government spending and started focusing a little more on defense, then his game wouldn’t be in such disarray as of late.

Spencer Hawes

The theme of this isn’t about politics or Spencer Hawes’ beliefs regarding the government, because quite frankly, I’m sure most of you Sixers fans reading this don’t give a pig’s ass about that. You’re just hoping he finds a way to contribute in the playoff series against the Heat.

Elton Brand will be locked onto Chris Bosh and he’s Miami’s only viable low-post threat. So, who will be guarding Spencer Hawes and vice versa? Rumor has it that they’re working on signing that chubby, hairy guy with long socks and a purple headband that you played pick-up basketball with last week.

If you didn’t pick up on that joke, then I’m sorry for you. But, on a serious note, the Miami Heat do not have much to offer in the low post, which is why Hawes needs to be on his game and the Sixers must penetrate to the hoop.

Along with double zero, the aforementioned Elton Brand will need to produce as well; both on offense and defense. I strongly believe that Chris Bosh is falling out of worthiness of being claimed one of the “big three.” His game is solid, but overshadowed by Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Lou Williams and the X-factor, Thaddeus Young will be the difference, being that they’re matched up against Miami’s hollow bench. So, I’ll say one thing to Spencer Hawes and the Philadelphia 76ers:

Yes we can.


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