Gary Payton Recalls Previous Relocation; Takes Stab at Former Seattle Owner

Gary Payton

With the Sacramento Kings relocating to Anaheim, emotions are high in the west-coast capital. The Kings, in the early 2000’s, were one of the best teams in the NBA and now they’re in the midst of evaporation.

It had been almost five years since the last NBA team packed up and left town, thanks to the former owner of the Seattle Sonics, Howard Shultz. On July 17, 2006, Shultz, who’s also the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, sold his team to a group of businessmen from Oklahoma City for $350 million.

It was well-known that Shultz and his former Seattle Superstar, Gary Payton, had a bumpy relationship. On Twitter, someone made an account by the name of Coward Shultz, to mock and symbolize the city’s ongoing hatred for the man.

Gary Payton still has strong emotions, regarding the team’s exit as well as his own. Here’s what he said in response to “Coward Shultz.”!/CowardSchultz/status/58703249011769345!/GaryPayton_20/status/58705272276910080

By “the other guy,” Payton means himself. The combination of disconnects with the decision and his former owner still eats at Payton to this day. Five years from now, the feelings may be similar for some of Sacramento’s former greats.

I guess we can only wait and see.


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