Wade and LeBron Too Much as Philadelphia is Burried into a 3-0 Ditch

Andre Iguodala drives to the basket, defended by Dwyane Wade.

Once again, Philadelphia fans have more of a reason to focus on the Flyers’ playoff run and the Phillies’ regular season. At one moment, the 76ers have you jumping for joy and the next, thousands of fans are utterly defeated. This was the case after Thursday night’s 100-94 loss to the Miami Heat.

There’s no use looking for bright spots anymore at this point in the season, being that we are on our last breath, but Jrue Holiday is showing the NBA that he is the future of this franchise, not number nine. Holiday finished the game with 20 points and eight assists in 41 minutes.

Andre Iguodala isn’t the man to get the job done and almost all of tri-state area knows that by now. Two of the Sixers’ three last possessions were perfect indicators of Iguodala’s mindset and comfort level. He had the ball and panicked. On one possession, he nearly threw the ball away, slamming it carelessly off the shoe of Joel Anthony and the next time down the floor, his happy feet got the best of him, leading to an ill-advised jump-and-dish to Lou Williams for a 30-foot three pointer. At least he scored in double figures with an astonishing 10 points, to skyrocket his post-season average to just above six points a game. Thankfully, with Jrue Holiday in the driver’s seat, the future for the point guard and the franchise is bright.

The threesome of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh were and have been too much for Philly to handle. About five years ago, we had an answer, but now we’re simply stuck with a question; where the hell do we go from here?

James dropped 24 points and grabbed 15 rebounds, while Dwyane Wade scored 32 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists. I firmly believe that this is still Wade’s team.

The Sixers needed to win this game in order to save their season, but they gave it away, much like game one. Winning four straight against Miami, along with the officials’ overly-generous calls is a task that will be far too steep for Philadelphia to climb. There’s not much more to say about this game, other than too many second-chance opportunities, obnoxiously redundant star treatment and not enough extinguishers to put out the heat.

Philadelphia and Miami will meet again at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. God bless the optimists.

Box Score


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