The Blame Game: The Hate is NOT Iguodala’s Fault

Ed Stefanski (left) alongside Andre Iguodala. (right)

Andre Iguodala isn’t earning much respect in the city of brotherly love as of late. His contract is bloated and his production has dramatically diminished. After seven seasons in the NBA, I’ve come to the conclusion that what you see is what you get with Andre Iguodala, and what I see is a defensive specialist, with limited scoring ability.

Paying a man over 80-million dollars is a huge investment. The first rule, when spilling trust and cash for someone, is to pay them for what they can do for you in the future, not for what they’ve done in the past. Careless homework can weigh a franchise down for years. In Iguodala’s case, what has he done in the past and how do they envision his future? Like I said, anything near or over 80-million dollars is an extremely large investment, so what happens if an expensive asset flattens out?

I mentioned in a previous post that the recent hate towards Iguodala is somewhat unjust. If he wasn’t making the big bucks, then people wouldn’t have any problems with the swingman. Just imagine; if he was making 5-million dollars a season (the same as Lou Williams) and producing exactly the way he has been over the past few seasons, Philly fans would be thrilled with the man. (to tell you the truth, 5-million dollars is what he should be worth)

I was speaking with a man at work today, who happens to be a New York Knicks fan, and he told me that he wold much rather have Andre Iguodala on his team than Carmelo Anthony. Needless to say, I was a little surprised, but then he added, “Only if his contract wasn’t so huge.” He went on to tell me that the Knicks need a defensive player of Andre’s caliber and coincidentally, the Sixers need a scorer like Anthony. Wouldn’t that be interesting? But, back to the point.

In most circumstances, the average NBA fan would see Andre Iguodala as an above-average talent in the NBA. He fills the stat sheet night after night and he plays defense just as well as anyone else in the world. Any team would LOVE to have someone like that on their squad. Franchises NEED athletes like him, but paying a player of his style the amount that Philly chose to a couple of years back is downright foolish.

So, everyone, quit hating on Andre and point the blame finger in the direction of the front office. Iguodala is what he is and we need to learn to accept that. We also need to accept the fact that we’re paying a more offensively talented Bruce Bowen over 80-million dollars. That doesn’t sit very well.

Iguodala’s future is unknown in Philadelphia. Many fans of the Sixers want him traded, but most teams won’t be willing to take on his salary. Therefore, Philadelphia’s next step is to find a team, similarly as foolish as Ed Stefanski was, the day he handed Iguodala the key to Philadelphia.


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