Sixers are “breakfast” to LeBron

If the fans in Philadelphia didn’t hate that whiny LeBron James anymore, he certainly reached a new level. The contraversial James, who took his “talents” to South Beach in the off season after giving up on leading a team to a championship, voiced his dismissal of the Sixers.

In a tweet from @MiamiHeraldHeat, he quoted James as calling closing out the Sixers as “finishing our breakfast.”

[courtesy of 700 Level]

Hey Bron Bron, I heard your mother has some good breakfast muffins and she’s sharing with everyone, even Delonte West. You better close this series out tonight because even though Sixers basketball is still rekindling in Philadelphia, we protect our teams like children.

On a side note, the Flyers James van Riemsdyk and Sixers rookie Evan Turner have been highly supportive of each others playoff runs. JvR left tickets for Turner for Game 5 with a picture circulating of the OSU alumni at the game wearing a puck helmet. Then after the Flyers Game 7 butt whupping of the Sabres, JvR wore a Sixers hat during his interview. Later last night he and Turner exchanged pleasantries.

[courtesy of Crossing Broad]

“Show the Heat a thing or 2 about South Beach”

Damn, Reemer. Save some of your tenacity for the second round!


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