Addressing Dwyane Wade’s Unprofessionalism

Dwyane Wade

Following the Sixers first-round series against the Miami Heat, I came away with three things:

First, is the aforementioned future that the young, talented 76ers possess. Next, is the fact that the Miami Heat were unquestionably the better team. Last, is what really got on my nerves. Not only did the pre-game comments regarding LeBron James and breakfast piss me off, but Dwyane Wade joined the club of unprofessionalism.

With less than one second remaining and the game out of reach, Dwyane Wade sprinted the length of the court and dunked the ball, padding the score and unnecessarily ending a hard-fought series with a low blow.

It’s one thing to try and get in the head of an opponent by talking trash or making comments before the game to psyche out the opponent, but to spit in the face of a respectable series isn’t classy, and much deserving of this rant.

Otherwise, I wish Miami luck. They must be full after a glutenous breakfast.


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