Reaction to LeBron’s Breakfast Menu and Wade’s Cheap Shot

Chris Bosh (left) and Spencer Hawes. (right)

Now that we have addressed Lebron James and Dwyane Wade’s acts of disrespect and unprofessionalism towards the 76ers,(here’s the story on that) we have a reaction from Philadelphia’s center, Spencer Hawes. It didn’t take too long for Hawes to pick up his phone after the game and post a Twitter update, expressing his feelings on the events that unfolded within the 24 hours, prior to the final buzzer of game five. Here’s what he said:!/spencerhawes00/status/63430272078725120

Hawes finished Wednesday night’s game with only four points, (2-7 shooting) four rebounds and four assists in just under 25 minutes of action, so his post may have been slightly out of aggravation, but he has a right to be upset. His tweet was a product of emotion and that’s something that the 76ers lack. Hopefully he carries some of it over for next season.

He’ll need it if he plans on receiving any meaningful minutes.


One thought on “Reaction to LeBron’s Breakfast Menu and Wade’s Cheap Shot

  1. I hope it’s evident Lebron’ s selfishness gave him his trophy. I don’t care how good you are with your cheap shots. Simply a basketball bully!

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