76ers Expiring Contracts; Say Goodbye

1. Jason Kapono

Jason Kapono

Now, usually when I go to a 76ers game, I have to fork up a hefty sum of money in order to get good seats. For Jason Kapono, the team actually payed him $6,641,440 just to sit court side throughout the season. That sounds like a good deal to me. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had on a number-72 Sixers uniform, I’m sure most people would just see him as some overprivileged guy who gets to sit with the team. In two seasons with Philadelphia, Kapono played 81 games and only made 64 three pointers, (one in 2010-11) which is what we signed him to do. Unfortunately for him, we discovered Jodie Meeks. With his contract coming off the books and an unnecessary chokehold of over 6.6-million dollars loosening, his departure will aid the 76ers in finding a respectable name this offseason.

2. Darius Songaila

I guess the acquisition of Darius Songaila wasn’t very meaningful, with regards to his statistical impact. He only dressed for 10 games in 2010-11 and while doing so, played 7.1 minutes per-game. In the trade, which sent Willie Green and Jason smith to the New Orleans Hornets, the Sixers received Songaila and first-round selection, Craig Brackins. Songaila was simply an add-on, expiring contract ($4,818,000) that would help the Sixers find a name through free agency this offseason. The acquisition of Brackins in the deal is a completely different story. The Organization sees something in him, and he’ll be a project for the next couple of years.

3. Tony Battie

Tony Battie may only play one season in Philadelphia, but his veteran leadership throughout the season was without-a-doubt needed and helpful for the young team. Here and there, Battie would get minutes, specializing in knocking down mid-range jumpers and playing physical defense in the low post. His contract ($1,352,181) isn’t an earth-shattering subtraction from the team’s cap, but his leadership will be missed if the team doesn’t bring him back for another year.

Additional Notes: Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes are due for qualifying offers and will most likely be back next year. Antonio Daniels is also coming off the books ($225,363) and the 76ers have a team option to bring back sharpshooter, Jodie Meeks ($762,195) next season, and they most definitely will.


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