Iguodala a No-Show for Meeting with Team Officials

Doug Collins (left) and Andre Iguodala. (right)

On Thursday, the 76ers held an exit meeting for the players, as they do every year, and according to Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News, Andre Iguodala was a no-show for “medicinal reasons.”

During Wednesday night’s post-game press conference after losing to the Miami Heat, Iguodala hinted that he wanted out of Philadelphia by dodging a question by Philadelphia Inquirer writer, Kate Fagan. She asked him something along the lines of whether or not he thinks he’ll be back with the team next season, and Iggy simply said that he plans to play in the NBA.

Today, in an exit interview, (here is the video footage) Iguodala responded to a similar question and told reporters that he never said he didn’t want to play for the 76ers. Then, in somewhat of a contradictory fashion (in response to Dei Lynam’s question, regarding whether or not he hopes to be a Sixer next season) he said that he just wants to contend for a championship, thus dodging another question.

Many of you may remember when Andre Miller and Theo Ratliff skipped the end-of-season meeting, following the 2008-09 season that the team finished 41-41. That year, they were also bounced after five games, but by the Orlando Magic, another Floridian team. (eerily similar) Following their no-shows, they packed up and left the organization in the dust; no call or text.

Unlike Miller and Ratliff, Iguodala is signed  past this season and a few more years, but his body language and unenthusiastic responses, regarding next season are giving fans, as well as the media hints that he’s not interested in a future with the team.

Andre is in the midst of his seventh season and he’s in the prime of his career, so choosing to play elsewhere, rather than a team filled with young talent that’s still learning the game, may lead to impatience. Iguodala does come off as the type of person that probably believes his “crap don’t stink,” so do not be surprised if his ego drives him out of the city before the fans do.

A trade involving Iguodala may benefit the young squad of the 76ers, opening more playing time for Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner, but finding a dance partner may be difficult. Recently, his attitude and mannerisms have been similar to that of an immature, spoiled 16-year-old girl, who’s suddenly become disinterested with her home life.

Who would want to dance with a bitch like that?


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