Reggie Evans Questions Death of Bin Laden

Reggie Evans

After hearing word of Osama Bin Laden’s death, the United States let out a sigh of relief in unison, along with roaring, “U.S.A.” chants. In the back of our minds, the internal pessimist in all of us can’t help but to imagine the ruckus that would be caused if the D.N.A. results came back negative. Toronto Raptors’ forward, Reggie Evans, isn’t very optimistic:!/ReggieEvans30/status/65040453883543552

We can only pray that Evans’ feelings are negative and the results are positive. The country needed this recent shot of nationalism in the arm. It’s been a tough few years with a dipping economy and rising gas prices; and there’s been a shortage in good news to spread. Let’s hope the current feeling remains the same.


One thought on “Reggie Evans Questions Death of Bin Laden

  1. In my opinion, the main questions is: are we sure this is not just a show, pretending to have killed the USA number one public enemy for the sake of Obama´s popularity?
    I don´t want to sound cynical or anything, but it´s hard to believe that they decided to kill him when they could have captured him, torture him at Guantanamo and extract tons of valuable info about AL Qaeda..
    Not to mention the fact that supposedly the DNA analysis has been carried out in less than 24 hours, I doubt even Dr House could be that fast and reliable..
    Please do not misunderstand me: I entirely agree he shoud rot in Hell, but I´m convinced is already there since a few years..

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