Andre Iguodala is All But Gone

Andre Iguodala

Ever since the Miami Heat eliminated the Sixers in five games on April 27th, there has been very little positivity towards swing-man, Andre Iguodala.

Whether it is only scoring four points in a playoff game, not showing up to a meeting with team officials, or just waking up and still being Andre Iguodala, almost all of the news surrounding Iggy has not been good.

However, today it was announced that Iguodala was named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. It is the first time a Sixer has been named to the All-Defensive team since Eric Snow in 2002-03.

Cue the confetti. No confetti? Crap.

We all know, or at least we have  all been told that Iguodala is a good defensive player, so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. However, this means some people out there in NBA land think Iguodala is a good player, which means Iggy may have more trade value than originally thought.

In fact, according to Sixers beat writer Kate Fagan of The Inquirer, approximately half of NBA GM’s think Iggy is paid appropriately, or think he is just slightly over paid. I have to assume that those GM’s are from the Western Conference and don’t get Sixers games on TV, otherwise I would be very interested in knowing what drugs they are on.

Either way, the fact he is considered a top defensive player in the NBA and half of the GM’s think the remaining $56 million left on his contract isn’t so bad suggests Iggy’s stay in Philly is all but over.

The rumor mill produces two likely destinations. One is Memphis for injured star Rudy Gay. The salaries are about even (Iggy $13.5 million, Gay $13.6 million), so it seems possible.

The other rumor is Iggy goes to LA to play for that team that shares the same building as the Lakers. In return, the Clipper would give the Sixers big man Chris Kaman. This makes more sense to me because it addresses a need for the Sixers.

Whether it’s Memphis, LA, or Dunkin Donuts it seems Iguodala will not be working for the Sixers next year, and he doesn’t seem to mind. When asked if he wants to play for the 76ers next year he replied, “I expect to be back in the NBA.”

Sorry Dunkin Donuts.

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