Sixers’ off-season to-do list: Part 2 – Size Matters

Ahh the sexual innuendo.

Today’s post is part two of PHT’s “off-season to-do list,” and surrounds the Sixers’ need for a big man. I wanted to get this up earlier, but being a miniature golf course attendee in Long Beach Island during Memorial Day Weekend really takes up all of your time. I swear if I hear one more blue-balls joke after I hand out a blue golf ball I am going to quit and get a job at Dunkin Donuts with Andre Iguodala. And for the last time: The Elephant at my mini golf course is not big. Have you ever seen a real elephant before? I’m bigger than that anorexic elephant. Yeah, I’m talking to you Michael Barkann.

I digress.

I think we can all agree the Sixers are good on the perimeter. Players like Jrue Holiday, Jodie Meeks, and Lou Williams are scoring threats from outside. However, the Sixers lack a bruising Power Forward or Center inside.The Sixers were a below average team when it came to scoring points in the paint (16th in the NBA), and were even worst at rebounding (21st in the NBA). While it’s possible the Sixers address this issue in either trade or free agency, with all of the uncertainty of what will happen once the CBA expires, the Sixers will likely get their big man through the draft.

In the past the Sixers have drafted the best player available, regardless of position, in the first round. However, with the Sixers having little, to no need for a point guard or a small forward, expect the Sixers to go after that power forward or center we oh so desire.

After looking at a few Mock Draft Boards, here are a few big men that could be available:

1. Tristan Thompson, PF, Texas/Bismack Biyombo, PF, Congo. Yes, I put two names at number one on purpose. I put Thompson and Biyombo together at number one because they will most likely be picked before the Sixers pick at number 16. Both guys are projected to be lottery picks, but since some mock draft boards have them landing on the Sixers’ lap I had to include them. Thompson is 6’9″ without sneakers, and was on basically every “All-Big-12″ team you can possibly be on. He averaged 13.1 ppg and 7.8 rpg last season for the Longhorns, and he is entering the draft after just his freshman year so he is very young. Biyombo is just over 6’7″ in socks, 6’9” in shoes, and is just 18 years old. It’s hard to analyze international stats for a lot of reasons, but his numbers are 6.4 ppg, 5.1 rpg in 14 games played. These two are the best case scenario for a power forward at pick 16, but realistically they probably won’t be there. Hopefully I’m wrong.

2. Markieff Morris, PF, Kansas. Another power forward that multiple mock draft boards have landing at number 16, Morris stands 6’7.75” in socks, 6’9.25” in sneakers, and has an even bigger wingspan that measures 6’10.75.” Last year with the Jayhawks he averaged 13.6 ppg and 8.3 rpg. What makes him even more appealing is he was born in Philadelphia, so Comcast Sports Net can make “coming home” commercials like MSG did for Carmelo.

3. Donatas Motiejunas, C, Lithuania. For the sake of me not having to spell this guy’s name again, let’s call him “M.” M stands at exactly 7’0″, and could fall anywhere in the first round. Despite not having “lottery talent,” M is still seven freaking feet, so he could be drafted before the Sixers, and even be a lottery pick. Even though he is as tall as a tree, guys like M don’t grow on trees, so if the Sixers can land him I will be a happy, happy man.

So there you have it. Three numbers. Four guys. All bigger than one stupid elephant on the roof of my mini golf course. Time to go back to work.

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