Sixers to hold another Pre-Draft workout Wednesday morning.

According to The Inquirer‘s Kate Fagan, the Sixers will hold another Pre-Draft workout Wednesday morning. This is the fifth Pre-Draft workout so far, and the Sixers have invited five players to attend Wednesday’s workout. Those players are Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA), Markieff Morris (Kansas), Antonio Pena (Villanova), Eniel Polynice (Seton Hall), and Xavier Silas (Northern Illinois). By the way Mr. Silas follows me on twitter, so for that I provide this link to have all of you guys follow him.

Since I have been boring all of you with this Pre-Draft workout nonsense, (not my fault, but there is no real news at all this time of year in the NBA unless your team was just in the Finals, or Allen Iverson decides to open his mouth) I figured I’d give you guys some insight into what exactly happens at a Pre-Draft workout. Since I am just a guy sitting in my underwear with no real credentials or access to a Pre-Drat workout, I’ll have Miss (Mrs.?) Fagan explain what happens.

The Sixers already have the measurements from various combines and workouts, but it’s always helpful to see the results up close and personal. When we walked into the gym during one of the workouts last week, there was a height and vertical measurement system still plastered to the corner wall of the court. The last 45 minutes are spent going through drills. If all of the guys are basically the same position, the coaches will take them through a drill. For example, one of the assistants might ask them to make a cut to the elbow, front pivot, and shoot a mid-range jumper. All of the prospects would go through that specific drill a few times and then they’d change the move. Make a cut across the lane to the mid-block, catch on a jump stop and drop step to the rim. And so on and so forth.

So there you have it. To see the rest of Kate Fagan’s explanation on the Pre-Draft workouts click here.

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