The Lockout No One is Really Talking About

Philly Hoops Talk author Christian Hetrick is also an author and co founder of the new blog, “Taking the Ride.” In his latest post for Taking the Ride, Hetrick discusses how the potential NBA Lockout that hasn’t gotten enough attention. 

There will be a black cloud looming over the NBA Draft this Thursday.

NBA Commissioner David Stern will try to prevent a potential lockout Tuesday

It’s the same black cloud that hovered over this year’s exciting NBA Finals, and looks eerily similar to the black cloud that hung over the Super Bowl before the NFL Lockout. This black cloud is the potential NBA Lockout.

That’s right the N-B-A Lockout, not the NFL one that has been engulfed by this dark cloud for nearly a hundred days. I’m talking about the one that hasn’t happened yet. While ESPN is spending their air time telling me how great the NBA finals were (which they were), and talking about how this NBA Draft class is one of the weakest ever (which it is), no one seems to be talking about the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement that expires July 1st.

Unlike the NFL Lockout, which was noted and talked about for almost a year in advance, most casual sports fans have had little to no idea what was happening until fairly recently. It’s the giant elephant in the room that seemingly no one wants to talk about. It’s stomping all over Commissioner David Stern’s office, breaking all the furniture and blowing water out of its trunk all over NBA owners, players, and coaches, while all the media outlets just seem to look the other way and pretend it’s not there.

To finish reading the column on Taking the Ride, click here.

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