Iguodala to Minnesota for the Number-Two Pick?

University of Arizona forward, Derrick Williams

The 76ers may be pursuing the number-two pick in the 2011 Draft, according to a general manager in the NBA.

Sam Amick, NBA writer for Sports Illustrated, wrote the following in an article posted on Wednesday, June 22:

Iguodala is in play for Minnesota as well, according to a rival general manager who called the possibility of the Sixers acquiring the No. 2 pick in a package for their 27-year-old swingman “definitely real.” The Timberwolves have been seeking a high-level veteran in exchange for the second selection in Thursday’s draft and other pieces.

If a deal does happen to go through, expect the Sixers to receive Minnesota’s 21-year-old guard, Johnny Flynn, along with the number-two pick.

According to most mock drafts and NBA analysts, it looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers will take Kyrie Irving with the number-one pick, leaving Derrick Williams for the Sixers.

The likelihood of Philadelphia owning the second pick two years in a row isn’t very high, but you have to like the alleged aggressiveness the Sixers’ front office is showing.

Williams’ game is much like Iguodala’s, being that they are both flashy swing men, so some may not see much sense in the deal, but think again; they would still own pick 16.

The addition of Flynn, Williams and the 16th pick in the draft would be the start of an amazing offseason.


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