Lockout Might Kill 76ers’ Growth and Momentum

The ensuing lockout, staring down the NBA, could devastate the young Philadelphia 76ers’ growth process.

Even though every team will have to deal with the same issue, the pause in activity could hurt the Sixers just as much as any other team.

Winning is valuable for their roster, but not as valuable as the experience of getting out on the court and logging minutes. The young guns on the Sixers and in the league are starving for a taste of the NBA.

A leash is holding the 76ers in place; and this time, I’m not talking about Andre Iguodala or his hideous contract. I’m talking about the team’s overall lack of experience.

Gaining experience should be the most important objective for Philadelphia’s fledgling roster. You can’t gain experience or knowledge sitting at home and playing NBA 2K12, rather than a 48-minute contest against the world’s best.

Winners will be winners and losers will continue their clumsy doggy paddle in the deep end. The 76ers are standing in the shallow end, but their legs are shaky. Experience will strengthen their core.

If a year is wasted, it won’t only be a speed bump in the road; It’ll be a spike strip, deflating every bit of momentum that the 76ers have in their back pocket.

Although they were nationally labeled as breakfast, they were hocked up and spit out as LeBron choked. At least Philadelphia still has their dignity and they gained the league’s respect after battling the soon-to-be eastern conference champions.

They’re riding high and who knows what roster moves they’ll make this offseason. Let’s just hope they play some basketball again soon.


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