2014 NBA Draft: Who Fits on the Sixers?

Right now, the Philadelphia 76ers are projected to snag the second overall pick. The last time we had that selection, parkerwell, you know the rest. He’s not in Philly anymore.

Evan Turner could have been something special with the Sixers, much like his days with Ohio State, but what the hell held him back? Why did he never take that leap forward? Some blame Doug Collins and others blame Evan.

A little more than a week after shipping him away for, what is now, next to nothing, there’s two things for us to do; watch how Turner does in Indiana and hope to God that our next draft pick doesn’t end up being shipped away a few years later for a disgruntled, washed up forward who’s “too good” to play for the city of brotherly love.

Going into the next season, let’s list the players that are under contract for next year (this list doesn’t include guys on the roster with team or player options).

PG – Michael Carter-Williams

PG/SG – Tony Wroten

PF – Thaddeus Young

PF/C – Arnett Moultrie

PF/C – Nerlens Noel

Now that we’ve gotten to know Sam Hinkie for almost a year now, following his years in Houston, we’ve learned that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. So, this list is obviously not etched in stone.

Of this list of five dudes, I’d say that MCW, Thad and Noel will be starting next year, leaving a hole at shooting guard and small forward. This is where the draft is just so, very interesting.

Some of the strongest players in this draft happen to be the positions that we need. According to nbadraft.net, the Sixers now sit at number two, behind the Milwaukee Bucks who sit at one. The site has the Bucks taking Joel Embiid, who is allegedly a “once-in-a-decade” talent. To me, it’s way too much of a gamble, being that he has as much experience as a four-year-old does living.

So, then there’s the 76ers sitting at number two, again. They have us taking Jabari Parker, who happens to be a shooting guard / small foward from Duke University. On his scouting report, he’s listed as the purest scorer in the draft, but there’s one thing that stands out and pokes my eye. His athleticism is average. That sounds familiar to a guy that is on the Indiana Pacers now. No, not Lavoy Allen.

Then, there’s Andrew Wiggins, who is projected to go number three to the Orlando Magic. He is also a shooting guard / small forward. Just what we need. There is a good chance that the free-falling 76ers wind up picking the Duke or Kansas University standout either at number two or three. Then, there’s the top-five protected New Orleans Pelicans pick that Sam Hinkie acquired in the Nerlens Noel trade, where we dealt our all star point guard, Jrue Holiday.

Right now, that pick sits at 11. This draft is being declared as one of the deepest ever. Just imagine if the sharp-shooting guard, Gary Harris, from Michigan State falls there at 11, much like the current rookie of the year, Michael Carter Williams did in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Not including the possible pickups in free agency this coming offseason, the selections of Wiggins or Parker and Gary Harris would make our lineup look like this:

PG – Michael Carter Williams

SG – Gary Harris

SF – Jabari Parker / Andrew Wiggins

PF – Thaddeus Young

C – Nerlens Noel

Sit back and let that soak in. We may not shock the NBA next season, but that is a pretty damn good lineup for now and the future.


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