4.7 Blocks a Game? I’ll Take It!

Jarvis Varnado (left) blocks Adonis Thomas' (right) layup attempt.
Jarvis Varnado (left) blocks Adonis Thomas’ (right) layup attempt.

So, about all these points that the Sixers have been giving up recently. It’s becoming somewhat of a joke. In tonight’s game against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, we’re +21.5, which is absurdly high. We’re also averaging over 110 points allowed per contest. As a fan, a basketball enthusiast, and a student of the game, the recent signing of Jarvis Varnado seems to be going a little too unnoticed.

Only two players in the history of NCAA mens basketball have scored over 1000 points, grabbed 1000 rebounds and tallied 500 blocks in their carrers. One of them was the Navy and San Antonio Spurs great, David Robinson. The other, well, it was Mississippi State’s Varnado, who was eventually drafted 41st by the Miami Heat. That’s one hell of a trivia question.

This year, prior to the 76ers signing Varnado to a 10-day contract, he was averaging 4.7 blocks a game in the D-League. I don’t care what league you’re in, that’s insane. Hell, his Twitter handle is @RealSwat22. The dude takes pride in it. To me, that’s what the Sixers need.

Watch this video. He’s a talented shot blocker, to say the least:


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