Don’t Forget About Noel

Just in case you’re a Sixers fan who’s down in the dumps, give this a watch; it should cheer you up a bit. If you don’t remember, Nerlens Noel was GOING TO BE the first pick in the 2013 NBA draft, which belonged to the Cleveland Cavaliers, had he never torn his ACL. Instead, they took Anthony Bennett from the University of Las Vegas Nevada. So far, ick.

Nowadays, doctors are very good at repairing injuries, such as torn ACLs. Look at the much-older Adrian Peterson in the NFL from the Minnesota Vikings. Football is a sport with much more contact than basketball, needless to say. Noel is a kid. He will bounce back; and I mean BOUNCE back. The dude has a vert-and-a-half.

This is what we have. Here’s a little eye candy for the depressed fans out there. This is Noel, early in the year with the University of Kentucky:


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