Joshua Harris is, thankfully, perfect for the 76ers

aivHe bought Allen Iverson, a Philadelphian hero, a boat the size of a Chevy Malibu. He made almost a half of a billion dollars last year. When he breathes in cold air, it is said that the steam he creates forms dollar signs. He is [NOT] your most interesting man in the world, and the previous thing I said was a lie, but his name is Joshua Harris.

Although it is hard for many people to take the partial owner of the Philadelphia 76ers seriously, is he a good for us? Is the direction of this team perfect for Harris? It very well could be, especially after seeing how strangled some franchises are by their owners.

Although it is a different sport, Jerry Jones has a vice grip of what goes on with the Dallas Cowboys. For every move that’s made, it’s said that he pulls the trigger. He is the owner, but a huge reason why the positions, such as general managers and head coaches were created, is to take a weight off the owner’s back, as well as bring in multiple brainwaves. One person isn’t going to cut it, because problems will breed more problems. Jerry Jones is blinded by mistakes and he creates a desire within his own mind to overcome his faults by rolling the dice, repeating them and hoping they’re correct so that he can throw it back in his critics’ faces.

The same has been said for the New York Knicks’ owner James Dolan. There was a discussion on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio about the possibility of Phil Jackson taking the general manager position with the team. They brought up a point by asking, what if James Dolan tries to use Phil Jackson as a public relations puppet, while continuing his control over the franchise. The panel went on to say that it’s not worth a man’s dignity.

460xFor the Philadelphia 76ers, they’re lucky. Their owner is from the city of brotherly love, but does he seem like he knows all the ins and outs of successfully managing an NBA franchise? No, not really. He does look like an incredible computer tech. This, my friends, is why we have Sam Hinkie. The Hinkster is all about business. He’s all about assets and being as bad as possible one year so that we can be as good as possible for multiple years (something our impatient fans will never understand).

It seems to me that Joshua Harris is just sitting back, providing his dollars, allowing Hinkie to do his thing, sitting court side, and cheering his team on, night after home night. This is perfect.

Just imagine if we had an owner that didn’t allow this tanking thing to happen. Yes, I understand that it’s not a finished product yet and the tank train may not be a successful one, but that fact that the organization is thinking outside the box is one of the biggest, freshest breaths of air for a fan. Not many management groups have the beads to take on a task such as this one.

Thank you, Josh Harris, for allowing Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown to come into this organization and do their thing. Not once in my lifetime have I ever seen a group of managers take over a team and treat it like a powerhouse business, from the ground up. Right now, we’re on the ground, but it seems to many that we’re on our way up.


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