Henry Sims is actually really good…

de096e8786e8e1714b3e416ee1d2b21a_crop_northThe first time Henry Sims recorded a double-double, it was cute. The Sixers were in the midst of their horrid, yet fashionable losing streak and it was just something to be happy about. It was March 12, against Sacramento, where he scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds (going 10-11 from the foul line). Since then, the only time he recorded double digits in anything was March 17, against the Indiana Pacers, where he grabbed 11 rebounds, until last night.

Something is to be said about the last two games. Coach Brett Brown even hinted that he wanted to see Sims get the ball more in a halftime interview with Comcast Sports Net against the Knicks on Friday, March 21. Well, that day was the first of harrys-banner00a back-to-back in more ways than one. The Sixers played a game in back-to-back nights, against the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls respectfully, and it was also consecutive double-doubles recorded by Henry Sims, who happens to look a lot like the bass vocalist from The Temptations.

In the last two games, Sims has recorded 34 points (14-25 FG, 6-6 FT), 28 rebounds, four assists, two blocks, and only two turnovers. It seems as if he has that feel for the center position that’s hard to come by. He has a solid mid-range touch, as well as a decent low-post game. The 6’10” and 248-lb. center from Georgetown may have a future with the Sixers and it’s yet to be seen how he’d mesh with Noel (who’d most likely play power forward when they’re on the floor at the same time).

At first, the Spencer Hawes trade seemed like an obvious attempt to just grab two second rounders and run, but Sam Hinkie may have pulled something off here. Earl Clark was almost immediately dropped after the trade, but King Henry stayed and the second-year player is really finding his own here in Philly.


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