“The Day After and Reality Sets In”

The 76ers finally snapped a historic losing streak and transferred shame from Philly to Detroit, at least for a day or two.

Detroit could care less about winning (sound familiar?), so there is no real shame in The Palace at Auburn Hills.  Reason being that the Pistons owe a draft pick from a no-so-great Ben Gordon trade in 2012.  Lottery protected for last season, and top-8 protected for this season, the Pistons are and will be looking to lose, for the remainder of this season, so they don’t accidentally move into the 8th seed.

But Philly is just grateful to not single-handedly hold the record of “most consecutive losses” in sports. Not just one of the least prestigious records in the NBA but in all major sports!

Credit: CBSsports


After snapping the 26-game losing streak, the 2013-14 Sixers now hold the same record along with the 2010-’11 Cleveland Cavaliers.


Reality Sets In

The Sixers are back to the popular opinion of unwatchable basketball after Saturday night’s victory.  The sad truth is that lots fans and average-basketball watchers were rooting for the squad to lose.  They wanted historic embarrassment instead for just minimal embarrassment.

But here is advice for those word-of-mouth “fans” that are panicking that the Sixers actually won. Don’t be alarmed! Tankadelphia will be back in place, start Monday, when they travel down to Atlanta.

And this win was just one loss away from being a best case scenario. It would have been best to grab a win at the 25 losing streak mark so Philly didn’t have to associate this season with such an embarrassing achievement. And yes the Sixers are going to keep losing, which is a good thing and now by snapping the streak the 76ers stopped themselves from being the talking point for whenever historically embarrassing streak conversations come up.

And it is not as terrible now because they share the laughs with the Cavs. At least until the next time a deep draft comes around and historic tanking occurs again. (Let’s just hope it’s another city.)


What is Next?

The 76ers stand in at 16 wins and 57 losses with nine games remaining. They still are looking forward to the draft and receiving a top pick and that starts with getting the lottery balls to fall in their favor. Which the odds show will happen if they end up the NBA’s worst record.

You’d think they Sixers would have that spot wrapped up by now, after this historic losing streak. Sadly that is not the case. Philadelphia still has two more wins than the, under the radar, Milwaukee Bucks.

Even if the Sixers do not end up with the worst record it is still possible for them to receive the #1 overall pick (just like they technically can still end up with something as bad as the #10 overall pick. But I like to think “glass half full”).


But here are the next few dates to look forward to…


April 16th – Sixers vs. Heat

Not because its Miami, but rather it is the final game of this tough season. And well  I guess it would be really nice to

Possible 2014 Draft scenario

start and possibly end the season with a win against the defending champs.



May 20th – NBA Draft Lottery Night

This is the night that sets up one of the most anticipated night for Sixers fans. After May 20th Philly will either be planning their draft parties or crying and weeping. This will make or break the team.


June 26th – NBA Draft

Who is throwing a Draft Night 2014 banger? I know that I am!



Ryan C. Armstrong




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