Oh God! Tomorrow is 4-4-14


Remember the end of the world on 12-21-12? That was the day the Mayan calendar came to an

"2012" starring John Cusack
“2012” starring John Cusack

end, which made the whole world go insane. There was even made a (bad) movie about that fateful day.  

Well there is no movie for what is to come tomorrow but April 4th 2014 is the next big mystery day. The WHOLE world, (or at least the WHOLE city of Philadelphia), is waiting for what’s to come on 4-4-14.

The original conspiracy theory was due to a stone calendar made thousands of years ago. In this situation the stone calendar is, the always reliable, Twitter.

On March 9th Nerlens Noel’s Twitter account ( @NerlensNoel3 ) tweeted out “4-4-14”.

(Here’s the Tweet:  https://twitter.com/NerlensNoel3/status/442737978713317377 ) 


There after is where Philly’s finest conspiracy theorist came out. Presuming that 4-4-14 is a date on the calendar, and not just some numbers with hyphens that make it appear as a date, Philly’s finest are predicting that this is the day the 6’11’’ center will make his NBA debut.

For all we know April 4th could be a doctor’s appointment for Nerlens and he just has trouble remembering dates so he tweets them out for his own reference.

Let’s take the even more drastic route. That could be the day Noel is set to retire. Maybe, it’s possible. The point these situations seem just as likely as Nerlens Noel actually making his debut.

Back in October 2013 the Sixers reported that Noel will be out for the season. But it has also been documented that the Sixers original plan was to eventually play Noel at some point in the 2013-14 season. His original injury timetable was 6-8 months, after tearing his ACL in his freshman year at Kentucky University.

Philly fans would love to see the high-top fade on the Wells Fargo Center court especially afterimagesCAOBEJZ9 trading away their biggest contributor in Jrue Holiday. But must realize that this 19 year old has a lot of time to heal and even grow when he finally does make his way onto the court.

Noel was cleared for “basketball activities” in January. This essentially is clearing for practice rather than games. But by all means let him play if HE feels ready but the 76ers must be cautious of his health for their (possible) future superstar.

Other than the fact that the Sixers will be playing Boston at TD Garden, no one knows what is really going to happen on 4-4-14. Sadly, I bet it’s nothing.


Ryan C. Armstrong

( @RyanCArmstrong )


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