Jabari Parker makes “The Declaration”

Jabari pulled a Lebron James “The Decision”. He ‘preformed’ in a sit down interview with Sports Illustrated on Wednesday night, just less than two weeks before the deadline for prospects to declare.

Parker was technically 11 days early in terms of making his call but for basketball fans he was about 11 days late, at least.

What caused this delay? 

He had to “find his mind” and after the delay he realized he needed to “just follow his heart”. Respect for that, Jabari, but still could have made it simple just tweeted it or something, instead of making your version of a Lebron-esque interview, that I decided to call. “The Declaration”

He ‘preformed’, in this 4-minutes-too-long interview, by stating his decision within the first seven seconds. And followed up by unnecessary questions about what made him make the call to go to the NBA.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tournament-Duke vs NC State No blame to JP because I don’t believe it was his call to make this a show. And there’s no need to look too much into this because… come on..


*Disclaimer: people in this coffee shop are looking at me funny because I just yelled at the top of my lungs.*

  Moving Forward:

With this Duke Freshman declaring for the draft adds him to a big list of quality players that also intend to come out in 2014. And even if you’re not on the #SorryForJabari bandwagon, his decision still affects you, just as Wiggins, Embiid, Randle, Vonleh, Exum, Gordon, Smart

*catches breath*

  Harris, Ennis, Hood and even McDermott’s declarations affect you as well. With all of this quality talent coming out means franchises will be changed and boosted come 2014 (and beyond).

As long as your squad is projected in the top 10 (Sixers are number 2!!!) you are going to get solid talent.

If Jabari or any of these young players, decided stay in college for another year that would push you’re chancing of getting “your guy” back. Personally I wouldn’t mind a Joel Embiid or a Noah Vonleh but if Parker stayed in then that means the guy(s) I want draft number will automatically rise because Parker, or whomever, is not on the board.

If that makes no sense to you, and trust me I know I ramble a lot, so here is another way to look at it.

I don’t necessarily care for a guard like Tyler Ennis. And I would like to pick up a shooting guard like MSU’s Gary Harris, particularly for the Sixers with their second 1st round pick. Ennis is projected higher, which would make Harris most likely fall to the Sixers. But without someone like Ennis, or any top prospect declaring, Harris would get picked higher, leaving the Sixers out of luck.


*Disclaimer: it happened again.*

  Everyone from fair-weather fans to true die-hards and everyone in between should be a looking forward to May 20th.

May 20th — NBA Lottery Night. Soon to be known as Philly’s version of D-day.

This night will determine if June 26th will be full of joy and gluttony or sadness and despair.

June 26th – NBA Draft 2014. Mark your calendars.



By: Ryan C. Armstrong



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