Ex Sixer Evan Turner Involved In ‘Fist Fight’ With Lance Stephenson


‘I know you ate the Oreo’s in my locker….’

As with any breaking news in the NBA these days, this story was broken with a ‘WOJBOMB!’. Our dear Friend (not) Evan Turner has taken chemistry issues to levels even us Sixer’s fans wouldn’t expect by getting into a heated argument with fellow teammate Lance Stephenson. During practice on the eve of the playoffs, Turner and Stephenson got into a disagreement which culminated in teammates having to separate the two after they came to blows.

Reports were that Turner left practice sporting a cut to his face. Turner, who along with Lavoy Allen was traded at the February deadline to the pacers in exchange for Danny Granger, has struggled to find a niche for the eastern conference contenders.

Evan was never viewed as a great ‘chemistry guy’ during his stint in Philadelphia, constantly displaying poor body language during games and publicly making known his disdain for new G.M. Sam Hinkie. However, despite Turner’s flaws as a teammate, it was always going to be a struggle to fit into a team where Lance Stephenson was established as a player with similar yet superior skills.

The fact that Lance Stephenson is involved in an incident like this isn’t all surprising, in his short career he has already demonstrated a penchant for being a knucklehead. Turner is an articulate and intelligent guy and really doesn’t strike me as someone who would instigate something like this. Even as a Philly fan who was glad to see him leave, I do feel for him in this current situation. He seems like a decent guy who’s just struggled with expectations that outweigh his on court ability.

As for Lance Stephenson, there were talks of him being a possible free agent target for Sixers this offseason. I wasn’t a fan of such talk at the time and so it should be no surprise that I still want no part of this guy. A young team needs positive veteran leadership (Thad Young), the LAST guy I want hanging out with Andrew Wiggins, Nerlens and MCW is Lance ‘Born Ready’ Stephenson… Ok maybe Vin Baker.


Written by Timothy Buecher 



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