All About the Sixers Fans

For those that think it must be hard to write about the 76ers, especially throughout this rough past season, shouldn’t begin to think about how hard it actually is during the off season.

What the hell should I write about to inform you guys?

The lottery isn’t for a few weeks and the draft is still just under two months away. Otherwise there is not much ‘news’ going on.

I could tell you about how the Harrison twins are staying for their sophomore seasons at Kentucky because that kind of, sort of, affects this year draft. But I’m sure you just read that line and said ‘who the hell cares’.

And you are justified to think that way because the Sixers are essentially inactive right now as the NBA playoffs are on.

So while 16 teams are in action and Philadelphia being detached from that, it’s the best time to talk about the fans!

You know that dedicated bunch that tried their hardest to make the Well Fargo Center look some-what occupied.

Don’t worry die-hards; the WFC will be filled once the bandwagoners realize this squad is actually going places. Sadly they will have to win to prove it because those type of ‘fans’ don’t read up on Philly hoops.

So I went deep into just some of the big Sixers related Facebook groups and websites to check up on what these fans are talking about. (Disclaimer: I am apart of all of these groups, so I guess you should know there probably is a bias.)

The 3,600-plus members-strong Facebook group ‘SIXERS 24-7’ has been talking a lot of lottery, draft night and future roster scenarios.

Some are a little wishful

Stephen Salaam

April 25 at 2:05pm ·

My perfect scenario. Orlando wins the lottery. The Sixers and Utah jump the Bucks, who get rewarded the fourth pick for being the real tankers on the year. Orlando takes Wiggins. We take Parker. Utah selects Embiid. The Bucks take Vonleh hoping he’s the second coming of Vin Baker or something. With the 10th pick the Sixers select Doug McDermott, and send him and two second round picks to Utah for Embiid! 

Miguel Ruiz

April 24 at 9:03pm

I think the sixers should stand pat as far as adding high priced veteran talent this year and focus more on next year’s free agent class. Some targets for next year would be Klay Thompson, Kevin Love, and Jeff green. We won’t be ready to contend next year plus if we make the playoffs that pick goes to Boston. 
Ideal 2015-2016 starting lineup:
SG:Klay Thompson
SF:Andrew Wiggans
PF: Kev Love
C:Nerlens Noel
A little optimistic but I guy can dream right lol


But for the most part the discussions are pretty intense and it seems like a great place to debate everything Sixers.

Even group leader Joey Dibenedetto is hosting a few inner group parties. One BBQ specifically for the SIXERS 24-7 members to all actually meet each other, play ball and picnic games. And another draft night party down the beach.

There may little recognition nationally, for the Sixers, but the small group of Sixerholics definitely represent the team proudly.

Another Sixers crew is ‘Social Sixers’. It’s not as big as ’24-7’, in terms of Facebook members, but it still brings good debates and discussions.  But my favorite part of ‘Social Sixers’ is I find a lot of bashing of former players which I find pretty damn funny.

And of course the SB Nation affiliate ‘Liberty Ballers’ is always up-to-date on Sixers news, and a message posted on their site states they will be hosting a Lottery Night 2014 party.

This past season was inevitable and next season may be just slightly better it’s tough for some fans. But for the most part the real fans, the ones dedicating what seems like their lives (including me) are powering through the struggles and are definitely excited for what is to come.

Especially these guys


Brian Monroe

Can’t wait for next season. Bright future for the 76ers



Daro Kerr

For all my Sixers faithful. .this is how I rep! Love my Sixers. ……



Ryan C. Armstrong



6 thoughts on “All About the Sixers Fans

  1. Dont forget were international fans as well in Sixers 24/7 im from England and there is some european guys as well, we even have facetime chats about the Sixers, lets goooo

      1. It is but Joey makes it easier, plus i have been to Philly to see the Sixers play and the Phillies, (kinda a Philly sports fan now) love the passion philly sports fans have, even the football/soccer team Union have some great fans to go with the Eagles Sixers Phillies and Flyers, love the articles keep them going.

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