Sixers MCW: ‘A New Hope’

Michael Carter-Williams to be named ‘Rookie of the Year’, according to multiple sources. The undisclosed source’s name was revealed to be Captain Obvious.

This is the same source that broke this pressing news…




The point is, duhh. MCW seemed to be a front runner from game one when he posted close to a triple-double against the defending champion Miami Heat.

And to disprove that it was ‘beginners luck’, he stepped up by posting 16.7 points a game, throughout 2013-2014. Also those PPG were complemented with a little over six assists and rebounds and just short of two steals per game.

Was there any other choice than Philly’s rookie sensation?

There was speculation that Carter-Williams would be robbed of the award due to his team’s poor performance this season.

downloadThe 76ers had the 2nd worst record in the league and during the season tied the NBA record for longest consecutive losing streak. This is obviously my opinion, but that point by these ‘experts’ is insignificant because this award is about individual stats and accomplishments.

The Syracuse alumnus should have been guaranteed the award because throughout the 13’-14’ season he took home the title ‘Rookie of the Month’ four separate times. So he was the best rookie for four months, which is more than half of a regular season.

The only way this award would be stolen is if the competition hired Liam Neeson himself to the job.

The last R.O.Y for the 76ers was the one-and-only Allen Iverson. And not to discredit #3, but he only took home ‘Rookie of the Month’ a total of two times. Does that mean Carter-Williams is the next Iverson? No. But he has potential to be a solid NBA player and Philly will take anything even close to A.I. type numbers.

The rooks that were in competition with Sixers point guard were Orlando’s Victor Oladipo and Utah’s Trey Burke. There were other names mentioned, Mason Plumlee and Tim Hardaway Jr, had decent seasons but if they took home the award I would safely say that the award is more rigged than the NBA iverson-vs-jordanDraft itself.

But it’s not.

Who cares, now, about Philly’s historically bad season? Due to that granted to Sixers with a guaranteed top five pick in 2014 NBA draft.  In addition, trades and acquisitions made it possible for second 1st rounder, five 2nd rounder’s, Nerlens Noel and the possibility of bringing in a couple quality free agents in the near future.

And this next point doesn’t exactly mean anything, yet, but I’ll leave you with this.


Here are the last three ‘Rookie of the Year’ winners …

–Damian Lillard (Portland Trailblazers)

Did you see his buzzer beater to win the series against the Houston Rockets? Check it out:


— Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers)

I mean come on… He’s Uncle Drew! #Buckets


–Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)

He’s the guy from the Game Fly and Kia commercials. Oh yeah and he’s an NBA All-Star with superstar potential.


Hopefully that is saying something for Michael Carter-Williams going forward. It may appear rough as of now, but the future looks bright #TogetherWeBuild


By: Ryan C. Armstrong







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