Draft Fever!

With the #1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select… Julius Randle, Power Forward, Kentucky University.draftt

*blank stares and heads scratching

What the hell?

*Sixers fans heads explode

The city of Philadelphia collapses as they spiral downward into another decade of mediocrity. How could the Sixers be put in a situation, giving the fans high hopes, and then drop the ball!

Okay, don’t panic because then I wake up from this usual nightmare that I have.

Fortunately for the Sixers that is a nightmare scenario that will never ever, ever, ever happen, if the Sixers do end up getting the #1 overall pick.

But that wasn’t necessarily the case for our brothers and sisters in green across the street.

Draft fever has already hit the NFL and it was drug out like usual, making this undetermined and determined agony that much worse.

Undetermined agony for the Birds because their unsuspecting draft pick, in Marcus Smith, does fit the need of the squad but he was not highly ranked and they have yet to see him play in a Birds uniform.

Determined agony because Eagles GM Howie Roseman, Chip Kelly, and the rest of the draft crew drafted the Louisville grad much earlier than predicted. So they will always live knowing they passed up on many other more highly ranked ball players.

Now this pick may bite them in the ass or could possibly pan out and make the fan base end up kissing Chip’s (probably sweaty) ass. But we know for sure this uncertainty will not be the case for the basketball squad at the Well Fargo Center.

We hope.

There is a guarantee the 76ers will receive a top 5 draft pick, essentially granting them a game changer and possibly a franchise changer.

What could go wrong?

Not much, because the Sixers are pretty much being lobbed the opportunity to enhance their team. Unlike the Birds who got the chance to pick at spot #22. The Eagles took a risk to trade that #22 pick to move back four spots (and receive a later pick, as well). The fans initially were not pleased.

But don’t worry Philly your basketball team won’t need to take any of these big risks.

They will be getting a Jadeveon Clowney-esque basketball player. (Cough… Cough…Andrew Wiggins!)

The NBA Lottery is less than two weeks away and you should have draft fever, by now, if you truly bleed blue, red, and white.

That day will determine the possible happiness or sorrow in the city of Philadelphia for years to come.



Ryan C. Armstrong






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