The Future of the 76ers

As in the past few years the Philadelphia 76ers have missed the playoff’s. Numerous things went wrong from injuries to just lack of talent. Andrew Bynum and Jrue Holiday were thought to be the answer. But with Andrew Bynum not playing a single game for the 76ers and Jrue Holiday missed a lot of the 2012-2013 season. Andrew Bynum didn’t resign and Jrue Holiday was traded in one of the best trades in draft night history. They traded the young Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans for the athletic dynamic Nerlens Noel. Noel didn’t end up playing a single game so far in the NBA regular season due to his ACL injury. He did although make his NBA debut in a summer league where he did pretty well. The dynamic shot blocking center has a bright future ahead of him, If he stays healthy. Next up on the list we have the 2013-2014 Rookie of the year Michael Carter-Williams. MCW was very underrated in the draft. He dropped all the way to pick #11. Im sure that if we were to re-do that draft he would be #1. He lead all rookies in scoring (16.7) assists (6.3) and rebounds (6.2). He is one of three players in the history to do that. That’s a few shy of a Triple-Double. That’s insane. Next up on the list is Tony Wroten. He is more than his shoe game. He has a very nice game. Tony Wroten might not get that much hype but he deserves a lot more than what he gets. He is a very good ball handler and he has a very good drive and he is able to attack the rim. He will most likely take the back up PG role. Next we have Thaddeus Young and Byron Mullens. These PF’s have a lot to bring to the table. Young is very fast for his position which makes it difficult for a lot of players to guard him at the 4. He can get in the pass lane and come up with steals. He has the speed of a guard but is in a PF’s body, He’s a solid rebounder and will help this team a lot. But will he be traded? There is talk of him being moved? Next is Byron Mullens. He is a good shooter and can rebound the basketball. Now finally The #3 pick in the 2014 draft, Joel Embiid. He’s been compared to Hakeem. He is a very explosive shot blocker and a beast on the boards. Joel might not be playing this season due to his injury. With a young coach and a very young and talented roster the 76ers will be a championship team very soon.


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