Free Agency

So i’ve been thinking a lot lately. The Sixers need to make some serious noise in the free agency department. I have come up with a few possibilities that will strengthen us as a core team.

We really need some shooting guards and some small forwards. We could offer LeBron James a max offer but I don’t know if that would be the best. Call me crazy but im looking more toward the younger stars that are emerging into superstars. No im not saying that having LeBron would be bad but I would rather have Anthony Davis and Bradley Beal guys like that.

A big move for us would be signing Evan Turner back to a big four year deal. Or we need a shooting guard. I think that Lance Stephenson can help us but theres always a negative when theres a positive. Lance is a punk and i think he will cause problems in the locker room.

Free agency can make a big impact on this team going forward. Your thoughts?


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