Trade options

 The Sixers have become an appealing trade partner with teams that are trying to dump big contracts to sign max contract players. Houston and New York are probably the most interested. The Rockets are reportedly offering PG Jeremy Lin and a 1st round pick, while the Knicks are offering big man, Amare Stoudemire and a young SG in Iman Shumpert. Both of these offers are appealing but I feel that Houston’s is more beneficial to us. Were getting Jeremy Lin, who we could either buy him out, or keep him until the trade deadline and trade him for yet another draft pick. Along with Lin were getting that 1st round pick, and you know Hinkie loves him some draft picks. If we went through with the New York deal we’d get an aging big man, and an injury prone SG. Also with a lineup of MCW, Shumpert, Young, Noel, and Stoudemire, we would be stuck in the middle of mediocrity (7-8 seed). We have to build through the draft, so if I’m Hinkie I’m accepting that Houston offer and beginning to stockpile up picks for yet another tank season. Winless for ???  


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