“Philly Fan Claims Sixers as Champions… On His Ass.”

Courtesy of @StrickThePrick Instagram page.
Courtesy of @StrickThePrick Instagram page.

He is the “Best name in the twitter game” according to his Twitter bio. And as for 76ers die-hard fans he may be just that.

He posted a photo via his Instagram account, on July 14th, of an ass tattoo that reads ‘76ers 2015 NBA Champs’

It is funny how the kid’s crack is out in the picture, yet what most people’s eyes are drawn toward is the tattoo itself.

Sites like Deadspin.com and local blog Crossing Broad quickly voiced their opinions, which were mostly negative and rightfully so, since the Sixers were labeled as ‘ass’ this past season by some fans.

I got in touch (not literally, thank God) with the dedicated fan to hear his side of the story. For all we know, he could have lost a bet.

@StrickThePrick is a die-hard 76ers fan but optimism isn’t the word he’d use toward the, in his case, 2015 season. He told me he wanted to do something he thought was funny and “the point was to be dead wrong”.

This Philly native knows, like most fans and even the Sixers organization itself, that this basketball team is not ready to win championships, just yet. But something that most fans speculate on is that the Sixers COULD win by the end of the decade, but just not in 2015.

Don’t feel bad for @StrickThePrick. He seemed pretty excited to get the tattoo! I even brought it to his attention that he could just get the tattoo fixed up in 2018, if the Sixers were to win the NBA Championship then instead. All he’d have to do is get a small line connecting the top and bottom of the “5” in 2015 to make it say “76ers 2018 NBA Champs”

Besides we can all agree that the 76ers have a MUCH better chance at winning a ‘chip in 2018 rather that ’15. “I would probably get it fixed if they did end up winning in 2018” he told me.

The odds are that the tattoo artist at least chuckled at him when he proposed the ink idea, but @StrickThePrick did say “I wasn’t mad [though] [because] he had to stare at my ass for 25 minutes”.


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