Embiid Promises Recklessness (On the Court). Questions Summer League Toughness?

Some may think that his Twitter game is reckless too, but for the most part, Philadelphia 76ers fans absolutely love his entertaining social media account. Moments before this tweet, he stated that he’d be watching the Sixers Summer League action against the Chicago Bulls:

Is it possible that Joel didn’t like what he saw out of the Summer Sixers? Is that what lead him to say this?

Nerlens Noel was battling a cold, according to the NBA TV commentary. As many people know, it’s next to impossible to put out 100-percent, cardiovascular effort when you have a chest cold (I’m assuming it’s a chest cold, because he was seen holding his chest on several occasions).

Regardless, there were some positives this summer, such as the play from KJ McDaniels, Jordan McRae, Jerami Grant, and Casper Ware, along with Noel.

You have to love Embiid’s vow to play like the “Bad Boys,” unless his reckless play gets him hurt again. Then, I don’t think we’d like it anymore.


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