“Stay or Go;” the Fan’s View of the 76ers

You, the fan, now have the ability to express your feelings towards your Philadelphia 76ers. In a broad poll called “Stay or Go,” philly.com constructed a voting system, where you and I can vote on who should leave or stay in Philly. The numbers are quite interesting. The Sixers’ players and personnel are placed under review and here’s how the fans voted (from least favorite to favorite and red identifies players under 50 percent, while blue indicates the opposite):

Jason Kapono – 91.9%(Go), 8.1% (Stay)

Darius Songaila – 89.4%(Go), 10.6% (Stay)

Andres Nocioni – 83.7%(Go), 16.3% (Stay)

Marreese Speights – 71.5%(Go), 28.5% (Stay)

Andre Iguodala – 70.1%(Go), 29.9% (Stay)

Ed Stefanski – 60.6%(Go), 32.4% (Stay)

Tony Battie – 64.8%(Go), 35.2% (Stay)

Spencer Hawes – 45.7%(Go), 54.3% (Stay)

Rod Thorn – 23.3%(Go), 76.7% (Stay)

Elton Brand – 23.2%(Go), 76.8% (Stay)

Jodie Meeks – 14.8%(Go), 85.2% (Stay)

Louis Williams – 11.9%(Go), 88.1% (Stay)

Evan Turner – 7.2%(Go), 92.8% (Stay)

Thaddeus Young – 4.2%(Go), 95.8% (Stay)

Doug Collins – 1.7%(Go), 98.3% (Stay)

Jrue Holiday – 1.5%(Go), 98.5% (Stay)

Notes: Rod Thorn and Elton Brand are valued almost identically — Andre Iguodala is the least valued starter — 92.8-percent of fans have not given up on Evan Turner — Marreese Speights has worn out his welcome and fans are still undecided on last year’s acquisition of Spencer Hawes — Finally and as expected, Philadelphia loves Jrue Holiday and their coach.


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