Andre Iguodala Explodes for Nine Points in the First Two Games of the Playoffs

Iguodala thinks to himself, "Oh no! I suck again!"

Has he finally worn out his welcome?

In the first two games of the first round against the Miami Heat, the Philadelphia 76ers’ “star” forward, Andre Iguodala has been comparable to Casper.

He is shooting a combined 4-for-15 from the field, while receiving starter’s minutes. Is it finally time to cut the chord?

He hasn’t struggled to fill the stat sheet in anything, but scoring. Isn’t that a leader’s job; to close out games and knock down crucial baskets in the closing minutes?

His stats thus far are showing that he is much more of a defensive specialist than a scorer. The Sixers didn’t ask for the second coming of Bruce Bowen. Iguodala asked for a contract over 80-million dollars, and it’s only fair of us to ask for production in return.

His growing time is over. He is 27-years old with seven years of experience in the NBA. Philadelphia is getting more production out of their 20-year-old, sophomore, Jrue Holiday.

Hell, Sixers rookie, Evan Turner, also known as “the bust” (not in my opinion) outperformed Iguodala.

Here’s the question; Do the Sixers deal Andre Iguodala in the offseason? Even better, will a team see any ounce of value in him after this stunningly horrible playoff run?

He has a lot to prove in the next week.


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